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[GF] Locale: Refined Idea + Visual Research

The Big Idea Observations: From my interviews and online research, one thing that all these stores have in common are that they have a rich and long history. It is encouraging to see family businesses still thriving despite the economy and the younger generation being willing to continue the legacy of their forefathers.   Insight:  Holland Village may be well-known… Read more →

[EI] Reading 1: Open Source Thinking

Summary on Sida Vaidhyanathan’s article Open source is originally a software term but it has since been used as a collaborative and creative term. The concept of open source was created as a response to the proprietary model. The proprietary model was deemed as selfish, restrictive and limiting because of copyright. Under this model, big software companies had the rights to… Read more →

[2D] My Line is Emo: Artists Research

Agnes Martin Agnes Martin was well-known for her contributions to the Abstract Expressionism and Minimalist art movements. Her artworks were serene paintings made of grids and stripes. By varying the tone, proportion, subtleties of the lines, Agnes’ works were filled with intricacy and focus. Her style was inspired by the belief in the transformative power of art and its ability… Read more →

[2D] My Line is Emo: Abstract Expressionism (art movement research)

History Abstract expressionism is an art movement originating from New York City in the 1940s and 1950s. This art movement is best-known for breaking away from traditional methods of painting. Artists took their large-scale canvases off their easel and used unconventional materials to paint. The purpose of this movement is to convey strong emotions and expressive content through abstract art.… Read more →

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