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[EI] Face to Facebook

‘Face to Facebook’ is a mixed media installation that critiques on the lack of privacy on Facebook. It focuses on how easily our digital identity can be stolen, as well as how big corporations exploit these stolen identities to make profit. For this project, one million Facebook profiles were stolen and filtered through a face-recognition software. These profiles were then… Read more →

[EI] Ant Farm – Media Burn (1975)

About Ant Farm: Ant Farm is a collective of radical architects who were also video, performance, and installation artists but, above all, visionaries and cultural commentators. They are called ‘Ant Farm’ because it was the perfect metaphor to describe them – they were an active underground architecture group and collectivity was a way of life for them.   Media Burn… Read more →

[EI] Maker Culture – DIWO

Introduction to Furtherfield and DIWO Furtherfield is an alternative artspace that was founded in the mid 1990s. It aims to ‘connect people to news ideas, critical thinking and imaginative possibilities for art, technology and the world around us’. Therefore, Furtherfield is an open community that is not limited to artists only, but it also welcomes people from all walks of… Read more →

[EI] Reading 3: Telegarden (1995) by Ken Goldberg

  The singular activity of a very personal form of individual expression, to a collective activity is highly collaborative: all publishable instantaneously to a global audience. – Randall Packer, Open Source Studio, IEEE Spectrum, 2015 The Telegarden is an art installation headed by Ken Goldberg, a professor who specialises in industrial engineering and operation research. This project enables web users… Read more →

[EI] Reading 2: The Big Kiss (2007) by Annie Abrahams

Research Critique on ‘The Big Kiss’ (2007) by Annie Abrahams ‘The Big Kiss’ (2007) is a performance installation by Annie Abrahams. Using webcam technology, two performers engaged in the act of kissing through a split screen. Annie Abrahams is intrigued by the ‘possibilities and limits of communication in general and more specifically investigates its modes under networked conditions’. Hence, her… Read more →

[EI] Reading 1: Open Source Thinking

Summary on Sida Vaidhyanathan’s article Open source is originally a software term but it has since been used as a collaborative and creative term. The concept of open source was created as a response to the proprietary model. The proprietary model was deemed as selfish, restrictive and limiting because of copyright. Under this model, big software companies had the rights to… Read more →

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