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[EI] Symposium Hyperessay

Introduction In this hyperessay, I will be highlighting the segments of the symposium that stood out the most to me, namely Annie Abraham’s performance ‘Online Ensemble – Entanglement Training’ and two of Blast Theory’s works, ‘Kidnapped’ and ‘My One Demand’. All the works that will be mentioned have one thing in common – they encompassed the concept of DIWO and… Read more →

[EI] Micro-Project #9: Video Selfie

I am anonymous because I like the idea of being mysterious. I am fluid because I am adaptable to my situations. As an extremely camera-shy person, I am uncomfortable appearing on camera. Hence, I am totally fine with the idea of personification. That aside, I also feel that staying anonymous exudes an air of mystery which I really like, hence… Read more →

[EI] Annie Abrahams – Angry Women

‘Angry Women’ is a video installation by Annie Abrahams and 22 other women of different nationalities. This project features these women reflecting on their anger and irritation, then expressing these raw emotions in their native language in front of their webcams. The performance will come to an end when every single angry thought has left the women and this is… Read more →

[EI] Micro-Project #7: A Day in the Life of Super Participation

Find out about what happened in our day here: My group and I decided to execute this micro-project on Tuesday. It started at 12am sharp and as usual, most ADM students were still wide awake at this hour. The things that were shared throughout the day included the food we ate, projects we worked on, and thoughts that we were… Read more →

[EI] Micro-Project #5 – GL!T(H

My wonderful friends turned me into a Pigcasso! Photoshop-ing and distorting other people’s faces was a favourite past-time of mine, hence I was excited when I hear that this was our next micro-project! This is the first time that I’m distorting, or glitching in this case, alongside with others. Often times when I glitch alone, I would already have an… Read more →

[EI] Micro-Project #2: Tele-Stroll

Journey from the East to West Posted by Francesca Nio on Saturday, 20 January 2018 Concept: This tele-stroll is a collaboration between Yue Ling and myself. As Yue Ling lives in the west and I live in the east, this tele-stroll compares and contrast the differences between these 2 sides of Singapore.   Process and Development Ideation: Possible ideas Scavenger… Read more →

[EI] Micro-Project #1: Experiment in Social Broadcasting

For school! Posted by Francesca Nio on Thursday, 18 January 2018   What was my social broadcasting experience like? This is my first social broadcasting experience and I was hesitant about it initially because I don’t like filming myself and hearing my voice on video especially. But to my surprise, the broadcast was pretty fun and I wasn’t as… Read more →

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