[EI] Micro-Project #5 – GL!T(H

My wonderful friends turned me into a Pigcasso!

Photoshop-ing and distorting other people’s faces was a favourite past-time of mine, hence I was excited when I hear that this was our next micro-project! This is the first time that I’m distorting, or glitching in this case, alongside with others. Often times when I glitch alone, I would already have an idea of what the outcome would be like in my head, but the outcome would be unexpected when glitching with others because nobody knows what one another would do. I actually love this act of collaboration because not knowing what the outcome would be is actually exciting! We would either be pleasantly surprised or shocked. Well, in my case… you can already guess what my reaction is. But, I still love my friends’ sense of humour! I do wish that the image has been glitched further because you can still recognise my form from the head down. Nonetheless, still a funny glitch project for this one!

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