[F&V] Kinetic Beasts: Final Model – Process and Development

*Group OSS by JJ and Fran


We redesigned the frame such that the syringes would be at the side and the ‘fleas’ would sit in the middle of the model. This way, it’s easier to operate the mechanism with swiping motions of the arms.

Making of Final Model

Piecing the model together
Supergluing the syringes in place to ensure that the syringes don’t move about when we pump air through them.
A tiny hole was cut away for the tube to go through.
Slit were cut for the acrylic pieces to slide in. Ledges were put in place the acrylic base to sit on.

The wire netting was an afterthought because we noticed that the styrofoam balls were blocking the tube opening, preventing the air flow and making it difficult to pump the syringe smoothly. With the addition of the netting, the styrofoam balls will simply roll off the netting, solving the problem.


At this stage, we were still trying to figure out how we can incorporate the swiping movement of the dog into our model. Here, we tied a long piece of thin wood in hopes that the see-saw motion would resemble the swiping movement. However we felt that this motion was too forced and decided to scrape it.


Demo without the wooden stick:

The cover at the top is removable if one opts for a first-hand experience of ‘fleas’ flying in their faces.


Final Model




Top view:




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