Zine Line Vine (Process)

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a line is a dot that went for a walk

Zine + Bookmark

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For this project, I chose to focus on just one out of my previous projects.

I decided to base my Zine on the very first 2D assignment, of which I made use of flora and fauna to expressed 18 different emotions. The spontaneous outcomes that came out were really interesting and I wanted to make use of the ‘windows’ of artwork in my Zine. Therefore, my Zine will consist of a compilation of the work. Also, as this is the final project for 2D, I feel that it would be cool to end off  2D with my first project assignment.

However, I wanted more of a motive of the usage of ‘windows’, and I finalised the idea of making my Zine to be a bookmarkThis way, I am able to justify the use of each ‘window’ thus add more layer to my Zine.

For the concept, I decided to work using a minimalistic approach.

I referenced exhibition catalogues and graphic books where the use of words are minimised and the images enlarged.


Initial Composition

For my initial composition, I scanned all my artworks and enhanced the details through photoshop. I then created each artwork to be flushed to one side of the page and with the title and 2 lines to explain the individual designs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.11.57
Tried different compositions for the Cover design

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 16.56.53

I planned to create each artworks as a bookmark, to be able to be torn away from the page through perforated lines. From the initial idea, I realised that the artworks are flushed in the wrong direction, to the side to be bound into a book.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 17.03.30I redid the compositions and derived with my first mock-up of the zine.


The mock-up was printed on 300gsm high gloss paper. There were a lot of issues to be addressed from the mock-up. Alignment issues and font size issues can be seen only after printing out the physical copy. Also, the holes to be bounded were too small.

Print on High Gloss 300GSM paper


Got a lot of ideas from Prof and my peers on how to improve my model.

* Use of textured paper <thanks Amy!>

* Extend the life of the zine, as perforated bookmarks will eventually leave the zine empty <thanks Darren!>

* Binding type, alignment issues <thanks Professor!>

* Looping of cord at the top can hang the book <thanks Professor!>

Remodelled Zine

After consolidating the feedbacks, I look to extending the shelf life of the Zine, thus I scrapped the idea of tearing the bookmark from the page through perforated lines. Instead, I went with the idea of slotting pockets to contain the bookmarks. This way, the shelf life of the zine is extended.

To counter the alignment issues, I paid careful details while reformatting the zine pages on Illustrator.

Other issues that were previously unknown to me were pointed out by Professor.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.27.57
Flushing of texts, Centralising of sentence
Text flushing
Text flushing
Overall layout
Overall layout

I developed the bookmark idea from to be teared by perforated lines to the use of an additional pocket.  This way the lifespan of the Zine is extended. Also, the zine is printed in textured paper as suggested by my peer.

Added an additional white box to be folded after printing
Added an additional white box to be folded in after printing to create pockets

Printing and consolidating the Zines

Issue encountered

Addition of an extra flap to be folded into a pocket to contain the bookmark sounds feasible, but due to the thickness of the paper of 300GSM, the fold made the page really imbalanced in thickness.

Thus, I reprinted the pockets in 120GSM paper, so it doesn’t interfere with the thickness of the individual page, at the same time retaining the durability of the pocket.


the slight bump on the page compiled with the textured paper will induce the user to feel the artwork and then find the bookmark hidden within the pocket.


For my binding, I decided to use cords to be stringed through in ring-bound format.

Trying out different styles
Use of Jute Cord as the bristles give off an organic touch, coherent with the theme
Use of Jute Cord as the bristles give off an organic touch, coherent with the theme


Changing colour of Jute Cord to fit the monochromatic theme

Jute cord intertwining the punched holes as vines.

At the top of the bind is an additional loop of poacher’s knot enabling the zine to be hung. A purely decorative feature that is coherent to the organic theme as “fruits hung on tree”.



To be continued.

Author: Heng Tong Foo

in pursuit of happiness.

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