VCii Task 1B: Exploratory Research – Interviews

Task 1B: Exploratory Research – Interviews

For my research, I have mainly decided to send out a survey to better understand the general consensus of Singaporean’s mindset towards recycling and the motivations behind their decision to recycle. Hence, I create questions that will allow me to understand

  • Singaporean’s willingness to recycle
  • Singaporean’s awareness towards the recycling system in Singapore
  • Singaporean’s awareness of what can or cannot be recycled
  • The reason behind their decision on whether to recycle or not

Below are the questions from the survey that was sent out.

As the sample size is very small as compared to the whole actual number of Singaporeans, I am aware of the restrictions in the responses recorded. I have also tried to compare the responses to what I feel and also with opinions and research found online.

Attached below are the responses recorded.

From the responses, I have decided to

  • Focus on the problem of convenience being a reason why Singaporean’s have decided not to recycle
  • Tackle the problem about the general public not knowing what can be recycled and what can not
  • Raising awareness about the easy access we have to recycling bins
  • Tackling the problems and factors that contribute to the deterring of recycling

VCii Final Project Deliverable 2: Phone Application

VCii FINAL PROJECT DELIVERABLE 2: Phone Application – SGRecycle

This phone application aims to mainly

  • Provide location of recycling bins around the island
  • Provide a list of recyclables for easier access and convenience (Aiming to tackle the problem of convenience being a factor to why people choosing not to recycle)
  • Link to the board game and to encourage more people to actively recycle

Application name: SGRecycle

Attached below are the interactive, pdf, jpg and online grid view versions of the application designs.

Click here for the interactive version of the app.

Click here for the jpg version of the designs.

Click here for the pdf version of the designs.

Click here for the online grid view version of the designs.


VCii Final Project Deliverable 1: Board Game


ZERO is a board game that was created to allow the general public to learn how to properly recycle through gameplay. The game aims to allow player to understand what can be recycled and what needs to be deposited in the trash bin instead of the recycling bin. This game also tackles a problem faced by Singaporeans when recycling – where they are unsure how to categorise recyclables and hence end up throwing them instead.

Full explanation of game

VCii Final Project Deliverable1

For a clearer version, please click here.