DN1004 Foundation 4D: Final Assignment

I had a hard time thinking of good ideas when we were given this project but I had a lot of rejected ideas:

  • Bungee jumping off the roof to represent the act of committing suicide (ridiculous and dangerous)
  • Making items that allow us the experience the disabilities of the elderly (too similar to an exhibition i’ve been to)
  • Record people saying an insult that they’ve heard from others before and play all of this in a dark room (doesn’t really convey the meaning well)
  • Make everyone tie a noose together (doesn’t really convey the meaning well)
  • Tying a noose blindfolded (doesn’t really convey the meaning well)

In the end, I wanted to address the issue of people being too dependent on phones. Nowadays, people are always stuck to their phones, even when they are with friends or family. Because of phones, we start to have a lack of face to face interaction.

My original idea for this is to make everyone put down their phones for the whole lesson so that everyone would focus on each presentation/project but I know people would want to document the different works. I decided to just make everyone put down their phones for 5 mins and do an activity together. Some of the activities I thought of were:

  • Broken telephone (Drawing)
  • Creating an artwork together
  • Charades

I realised that charades was the only game/activity that requires people to face each other and interact so I decided to do that.

I made everyone put down their phones on the table and made them play charades. They were split into two teams and could decide how many people would act and how many would guess. They had 2 minutes to act and guess 15 words (objects, emotions, art history)

Recording of a part of the activity (Video credits: Harry)


They definitely had face to face interaction and I believe this also showed that we can have fun even without our phones (but I had to use my phone for documentation and timing because my stopwatch wasn’t working)