DN1003 Foundation 3D Assignment 3: For Emiko’s Kind (Part 2)

A Bio-radiator for Emiko’s Kind

After working on part one, I was thinking of what I could make with the material.

Because of the way it can curve, I wanted to make a cap or head gear but I felt like it would look like a torture device. I also thought of making it an arm piece.

I ended up choosing to make a vambrace (arm guard).

I struggled with the organic material so I tried changing the material of the washers to cardboard and making rings out of paper to connect it to the metal washers but they look weird and out of place.

I also wanted to use cotton, but I realised they trap heat instead of cooling down the body.

In the end, I decided to use bamboo tooth picks to mimic bamboo mats that absorb heat and regulate the body temperature.

We also had to do research on bio radiators and I sketched out the main components of a bio radiator

I decided to use the water pump system and mimic the large surface area of the radiator by coiling wires and rubber tubing

Because of the properties of the washers, the vambrace is also collapsible.

The Final Work


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DN1003 Foundation 3D Assignment 3: For Emiko’s Kind (Part 1)

Morphogenic Studies

When I first heard of this project, I knew I wanted to use washers so I had to look for SEM photos with circular modules. I found a SEM of fish scales and I thought it was perfect because I could use washers to recreate it.

Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) convict cichlid fish scales and skin (Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum)

I did some sketches of the arrangement of the washers before actually working on them.


I wanted to tie the washers with string but the string is fragile and snaps easily due to the weight of the washers so I ended up using staples.

I didn’t have enough of the thinner washers so I bought another type of washers and did my part 1 with it


“Convict Cichlid Fish Scales, SEM.” Digital image. Accessed November 21, 2018. https://www.sciencesource.com/Doc/SCS/Media/TR1_WATERMARKED/b/0/3/6/ SS21052219.jpg?d63657842614.