4D Project II 1 Walking Home 1-Home Is How You Feel


For me, home is not a location or a specific place. Although home is often associated with hometown and family, for me, home is more of the feeling. It’s the feeling of being at ease and no pressure.1

The comfort of the warm and soft blanket is home. Home is where you take a rest and recover from the outside world.


The warm and yellowish light reminds me of home as well. The refrigerator light is always very soothing.


A bowl of rice means a meal. Having food is satisfying and brings good mood.


The stripy bag is from my hometown for traveling package. It being there is telling me that I have a place to go back and it gives me security and confidence.


The steamy and dreamy atmosphere is also homey for me.


The water drips. When I am feeling at home, I enjoy observing small details around me and experience the passing of  time slowly.


Being at home means relaxing for me. Lying down on bed and starting at the rotating fan and hearing the sounds of it is homey as well.


Being able to do things that I enjoy is also great.