[3D] Week 2: Pandora’s Box

Task: To bring an interesting 3D object

My chosen object is a seashell picked up by my friend when she went on a voyage to a small island in Indonesia. When I was younger, my dad used to bring me to the beach to pick seashells and I loved inspecting every single one of them as every seashell is unique and one of a kind. This seashell has an interesting shape that is unlike any other – its shape resembles an upside-down tornado and it’s the first time that I’ve seen a shell like this!

Front view
Side view
Top view
As the seashell is hollow, the hollowness will be considered the void in this case. It has a slightly bumpy texture too.

Mystery Word: Harmony

In design, harmony means that all the visual elements relate to and complement one another. The objective of this task is to convey the meaning of harmony through interesting compositions. For my compositions, I did my best to ensure that they are pleasing to the eyes and evoke a sense of balance.

Composition 1

All views

Composition 2

All views

Composition 3

All views
This is a failed attempt as the composition is too similar to Composition 2. There is a lack of harmony as well since the position of the subordinate box is not ideal (as seen from the side view).

Composition 4

All views

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