typography [work in progress #01]


work in progress #01

My name is hengtong and

I’m a movie fanatic.
I love Rock!
I am emotional...
I am an dreamer ;;;
I prefer to work hands-on.
I am a closed- shell. 


Typeface | 3D Typography | Movie Posters Parody

identifying hengtong as: hengtong / ht / hT / HT / 兴通

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 23.12.42


Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 22.00.26

Typeface | 3D Typography | Movie Posters Parody

concept: to create 3D typography of everything and anything that defines each emotion/idea.



(concept: I prefer to work hands on) 

using of work tools to form the letters ‘h’ and ’t’.

(concept: I am emotional) 

-using onion as a motif for tears    

-onion as the prideful escape of hiding tears

final thoughts: time to think of a new idea. [REJECTED]

Typeface | 3D Typography | Movie Posters Parody

concept: parody of movie posters to fit each of idea of illustration. 

points to ponder

  • using movie posters as the visual content
  • character study; think about whether the movie poster justifies the gist of the actual movie, and if not how to recreate the poster
  • choice of movies; types of genre; different language, culture, audience
  • manipulating typography to fit emotion
  • typography has to convey the intended emotion by itself

To be continued.


Author: Heng Tong Foo

in pursuit of happiness.

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