Week 3 is here. And the assignment will be due soon. After the previous consultation. I have more or less decided on the  theme that I want to approach. I found that the one that inspired from Cut the Rope seems very interesting for me

new doc 160205 (1)_5

So I thought that why don’t I apply the concept of game to all 4 attributes. And I need to find some way to connect all of them not only through the game elements. Also that the 4 attributes can link up as a story and tells the characteristic of me.

Thus… I come up with this mind map…

Screenshot 2016-02-06 01.16.43

You can see that at the start, I will begin with the “I AM A GAMER”. this basically set as an introduction. Then following by the 3 attributes, which all contain game elements. So that the 4 pictures are fit into the same style. For me, doing like this is more like writing a narrative. By connecting them up, I am like telling a story of mine.


More Research

But before that, I feel I get start more artist research6a73a032326453.567a91437dfa5

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I found this artist on Behance. you can see that his style is very cartoonist and there are many objects interacting with each other. This also means that the typography is no longer the central attention, but part of the drawing itself. I also happened to find this company Gumbo illustrations on Behance. They have this series of work pertaining to Africa.

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(Source:  Gumbo illustrations

You can see that this is actually a quite different approach from the previous one. There is only one object with each letter. The whole image looks clean and neat. I feel that both provide a lot of ideas for me.


Now, let’s decide what do I want to do for each of the attribute.

Hello I am a gamer


The first one is already set. I will be based on the idea of Cut the Rope. I will play with ropes until it forms my name.


Hello I am a cat lover

For the cat lover I will be based on the idea of cat cafe. I think all the furniture into the shape of my name letter

Hello I am a procrastinator

The third one I decided to choose from the game Plant Vs. Zombie. Because for me, as procrastinator, when it comes to assignment due date, I will be like a zombie. Procrastinate always make unable to finish my work on time. Thus, I have to stay overnight, and bear with red eyes, dark eye circles.

I have also try to sketch a few of my doc 160205 (1)_14

 As you can see, the plants and weeders will be replaced by alarm clock and assignments, To-do list and exams. Where me as the zombies will walking tiredly to them. And the zombies will form my initials XT on the grid.

Hello I am a freedomizer

The last attribute I will be based on the game Angry Birds. As I want to express the idea of freedom from how the birds are freely flying in the sky.