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I’ve heard that we don’t dream in color, but isn’t that just sad? I’ve always wanted to dream of a color that I’ve yet seen. Better yet, I want to invent a dream collector, plug it in my head when I sleep to collate all the wonderful things the subconscious creates.

This project is a little like my dream collector createds based on dreams I’ve dreamt and dreams that I want to dream. The saturation of colors are manipulated to represent the richness of the dreamscape, although it might come across as slightly gaudy, I wanted to bring across the feeling of exuberance and joy. The general theme going on would probably be whimsy and magic.

There are repetition of scenes as in dreams the concept of time is distorted, and events are hardly sequential. Also very often  I go back to similar recurring dreams and I wanted to capture that familiarity in the repetition.

The dream can be broken into 3 parts.
/A caricature of myself enters into my head, into the dream, almost like Alice in Wonderland falling into a strange place. The character then begins to explore this trippy, strange place with a slight hesitation but with curiosity. She wanders around, interacting with the landscape. Here I chose to repeat the sequence twice hoping to convey the character’s increasing comfort with the space as she has seen it all before, yet with a slight twist./

/I awake mid-dream, and carry on my morning preparation with half opened eyes before going back up the bus to fall asleep again (which I usually do)./

/This time as I go back to sleep, the dreamscape changes with a creepy undertone. Repeatedly I try to force myself awake thus explaining the black screens yet fail to do so. In this portion of the dream I keep trying to get out of this strange place laced with all of the things I do not like or fear (i.e: BIRDS, LIZARDS etc etc.) Yet I did not want to make it to completely creepy, reducing the fun factor of the entire series.  Finally I do manage to get out of my dream, lingering there till the brightness of the lights awaken me./

As this was my first foray into digital image creation & Photoshop, the quality of the editing skills aren’t top-notch. The general composition and editing was kind of flat? Whereby the entire background or setting would be shown in the frame. I did try to play around with some cropping and zoom-in images, and perhaps the next time around I could be more adventurous with the image composition. The character represents me, so this series of images are from a third person’s view point. I am quite pleased with the results and did enjoy creating this imaginary place. I’m so glad that there was a soundtrack that fitted the theme I was going for as it sets the mood for viewing. What I would have done better would be to plan my thoroughly to ensure that the message that I wanted to get across would be translated more clearly, especially during the presentation. Besides planning I felt that editing the overall concept is an important skill that I’ve yet grasped, at some point maybe it might have come across as “too much”

Lastly, before the presentation began I gave everyone little bags of meringue kisses- just as how a parent would kiss a child goodness and wish them sweet dreams.

So here’s a virtual bag of meringue kisses for you as you dream together with me!


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