Project 2

Project 2 – Impossibilities of Being

Password – 599

Project 2 tackle the subject of ‘Impossibilities of Being’. It requires 3 transformation. I have decided to settle on the topic of ‘Dreams’. I will be explaining the choice I made for each transformation and what it means in a bigger picture.

You have me waking up, looking frustrated. Suddenly, a little mischievous creature appeared out of thin air, looking for a partner to play with. We enjoyed our time together, but the creature was bored quickly and was looking for another activity to kill time. An idea came to him and he summoned a portal. Out of curiosity, I entered through the portal. In each portal, I was rendered differently. The first portal that I came across make me look like a comic book character. The second, looks like a painting from picasso. Finally the last portal, I was devoid of all detail, just left with a silhouette.

Through the project, I wish to express the idea that we have different levels and depth of dreams. In my 90 pictures,each portal rendered me less and less realistic. As we slumber deeper into our dreams, it make less sense and lack realism. Ultimately, we will face our deepest fear, those fear that we refuse to face in reality.


Author: Goh Cher See

I was Cher See

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