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Lore :


Ashania is divided into two parts, the west and the east. The west part deals with sea trading while the east handles mining and land trading. While it is possible, it is extremely difficult for a single lord to handle all the ongoing affairs in the kingdom. Lord Bornia Sangrey therefore assigned two of his cousins to run the kingdom together with him. Lady Lace Moonfall run the east side of the kingdom and Lord Alex Sangrey take over all the administrative work in the kingdom.

Under these lord, there are multiply adviser for them to consult their decision with. The first line of adviser, mainly a group of four, are called the Redcap. The second line of adviser, normally serving the Redcap and consist of a group of 17, are called the Savant. With all the Redcaps and Savants together, they are consisted the council. Each lord had a council of his own.

On the eastern Ashania, there are multiply brothel and illegal drug store around the street. It is said that Lady Lace profit from these outlet and allowed their existences to continue, even thrive in Ashania. While on the west, Lord Bornia seems uninterested in governing his kingdom. Slave trading and public execution is a norm in western Ashania. Rumours had that Lord Bornia is just a puppet, being controlled by his cousins and his council, living a life in bliss and ignorances.