Lore: Entertainment



Just like Ashanians’ law, the entertainment in Ashania was often obsoleted by the outside world, making it an attraction to merchants and traders. From the morbid death of a prisoner to the joyous mutaki-eating competition, Ashanians often found entertainment in the most eccentric way possible.

During the Tyrant’s week, which Ashanian’s were entertained by events such as the parades on the streets and square. The Ashanian’s Colosseums would held gladiatorial fights daily during the celebration. For eighteen days, Ashanians would visit the Colosseums and cheer for their favourite gladiator in the ring, satisfying the bloodlust of many Ashanian’s nobles and peasants. Of course, Lord Bornia would be present during the tournament and following the traditions of deciding the loser’s fate. These gladiators were usually Ashanian’s prisoners or Eastern Miriandynus slaves that was imported to Ashania. Abandoning the life of slavery or escaping the death sentences, the gladiators fought fiercely and valiantly as they were promised of great fortune and that the winner of the annual Tyrant’s gladiatorial tournament would be granted freedom and spared from any punishment or death penalty for the next coming five year.

The other entertainment that shows the eccentric and violent nature of Ashanian, would be the stoning of prisoner. Some might consisted this as more of a punishment then entertainment. However, local Ashanians would disagree with that thought. Stoning had always been Ashania’s tradition, tracing the origin of such entertainment back before the Seifer’s rule, when Ashania was still a cluster of divided villages and cities. The stoning was held weekly in west Ashania, families would bring their children to the event, and could participate by throwing sharpened stone that the Ashanian’s royal guard had provided. If the prisoner was fortunate enough, he would survive the stoning and would be freed from the crime he committed. However, such cases rarely happened as the stoning events were normally filled with passionate peasants that was looking for an alternative to vent their frustration and anger. Or simply for the pleasure of it, as who wouldn’t want to release their stress after a long day of farming, and probably endured a tons of scolding from their spouse while they were at it.