Category: Spatial Design

Heritage Tour

The tour to Hong San See Temple and Chesed El Synagogue was a trip that brought me to visit historical sites that I did not know existed in Singapore. Hong San See temple was a surprise to me as it seems to be a temple hidden in the heart of the downtown with bars and pubs just across the street.… Read more →

Reading Assignment: Atmospheres by Peter Zumthor

In Peter Zumthor’s ‘Atmospheres’, he talks about his insights on Architecture. He presents a refreshing comparison of Architectural environments as a work of art, comparing his designs to music that touched people quickly and deeply. He hoped to garner the spontaneous emotional response from the viewers and visitors of his Architectural works and to provide unobtrusive support to people living… Read more →

Week 2: Field trip to Chinese Heritage Centre

After passing by the Chinese Heritage Centre  so many times on my bus journeys back home, I finally entered the building for once and got to know its history. Nanyang University was the first Chinese university outside China, hence the Chinese Heritage Centre’s was heavily influenced by Chinese Architecture with a twist, the ‘Nanyang Style’. When I entered the building… Read more →

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