Project 3: Arts & Health Brochure – Playing with Folds

Folding design

After looking at my reference brochure, I decided to try out a few folds. The first fold was the strike through effect. The main idea was to place images at the position of the ‘strike’ so as to show parts of the image on the outside and entice viewers to look at the brochure. However, when I tried to lay out designs on it, I came to realise there are quite a few steps to open the brochure fully and there are some folds that will be in the opposite direction when that happens since I wanted to have my vectors on the front page too.


The second fold that I did was a simple trifold, for this fold, I wanted a simple fold so that I can use each side of the page as one canvas and arrange the vectors to create a flow in the design. As this is a simple fold, there is no concerns about die cuts, contents from the inside being reveal beforehand etc. However, I was a little concern that this design will result in a static layout that is too boring to entice viewers to read on.


Next, I tried to break out from the usual trifold by adjusting the way it is folded and to create folds that results in panels of different sizes. Through this I wanted to see if this will make the layout or design more interesting. However, I didn’t really like how the panels flow.


Visual Study

Using the images provided by NTFGHand the same theme as my previous poster design, I created a trifold layout. I decided to focus on playing with scale and arrangement of my vectors and keep my folding simple.

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