Project 3: Arts & Health Brochure – Design Exploration

Existing Brochure Design
  1. This brochure is interesting in terms of how it was laid out, where the top and bottom of the page gets folded up to form the outside of the brochure. The design stood out to me as there is a strip of the inside of the brochure exposed to the viewer on first sight, as if it is a sneak peek of what is inside, enticing the viewer to open up to get more information. As the strip was throughout all 3 panels outside , it also produce a sense of harmony to the whole design. The simple one colour outside page also helps to lock the 3 panels together.

2. The fold of this brochure design is interesting produce a ‘twist open’ effect. The ‘eye’ design which was once on the outside of the brochure is now the centrepiece to the inside of the brochure design. What is interesting is how each panels can be describing different things but can come together and be read as a whole page.

3. What I love about this design is the simplicity of the layout and design. By repeatedly alternating the panels throughout the brochure, a sense of coherence is created. The image is place on white background, highlighting the clean design style. Furthermore, the folds are simple and the shape is just a regular rectangle page size with no fancy die cuts or folds.

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