Category: Project 2: Research and Development

Project 2: Task 2- Design Exploration

Composition studies My concept for the posters is fun and happiness. I started off with the slogan: Create Art, Enjoy Life. However, comments where that it sounded too aggressive. At the stage, I have not decided on the final slogan but it will be ‘Follow the flow of Happiness’. However, this slogan will not be placed in the poster composition… Read more →

Project 2 Task 1B: Develop slogan and Moodboard

Task 1B: Develop slogan & Moodboard   i) Brainstorm:   ii) Concept slogans: a) Relax and make art (Keywords: Therapy, Zen, Healing) b) Create art, enjoy life (Keywords: Enjoy, Colourful, Exciting) c) Happiness comes with Art (Keywords: Create, Sunshine, Smile)   iii) Moodboard:    Use of vibrant colours to draw attention Graphics that represent happiness and art Use of geometric… Read more →

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