Heritage Tour

The tour to Hong San See Temple and Chesed El Synagogue was a trip that brought me to visit historical sites that I did not know existed in Singapore.

Hong San See temple was a surprise to me as it seems to be a temple hidden in the heart of the downtown with bars and pubs just across the street. The tour guide brought us around to talk about the features of the architecture and her role as a guide to let us know more about creating tours.

Chesed El Synagogue was the first Jewish Church I went to in my entire life, it was definitely a new experience for me. I love how the tour guide led us to the place and let the pastor of the church to be the person to bring us around and talk about the story of the founder of the Synagogue while going through certain features of the building.


I feel that I am most entice in a heritage tour when the building takes part in a story. The story helps me to connect with the building, allowing me to create a solid memory of the place.

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