Month: February 2017

Future World

The trip to Art Science museum had been an interesting one. ‘Future World’ was an exhibition that change my expectation of a museum visit. It encourages viewers to touch, feel and participate in the various works instead of the usual ‘see no touch’ concept. Most interactive artworks shown in ‘Future World’ are highly immersive, allowing some form of interaction between… Read more →

Reading Response 6 – Chipchase Chapter 4: You are what you carry

This week’s readings talks about the things we carry and how they define us. From the physical objects that we carry daily, namely, keys, money (wallet) and mobile phone (communication), we are able to easily pinpoint the essential needs of us as a human. This reminded me of an exercise I once had in a class during my exchange in… Read more →

Week 5 Assignment – Smart Nation Initiative

Launched in 2014, The Smart Nation initiative is an attempt by the Singapore government to improve citizen’s living environment holistically. Through the use of Infocomm technologies, the government hope that they will be able to improve the quality of life through thoughtful usage of applications and ‘Smart Home’ technology. In this initiative, 5 domains have been identified for such development: Transport,… Read more →

Reading Response 1 – The Design of Everyday things

After reading this chapter, I got a better idea of what constitute to a well-designed product. Not only should the design be workable scientifically, it should also factor in the how a user approach the product and how easy it can be used. This chapter highlights the importance of technology and psychology in products out in the market in today’s… Read more →

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