Author: Fong Hin Wai

Product design major. Avid fantasy reader. Loves exploring the world and eat good food.

Heritage Tour

The tour to Hong San See Temple and Chesed El Synagogue was a trip that brought me to visit historical sites that I did not know existed in Singapore. Hong San See temple was a surprise to me as it seems to be a temple hidden in the heart of the downtown with bars and pubs just across the street.… Read more →

Project 2: Final refinement and design

Final refinement Explore on reflecting waterfall Changing position of text Changing arrangement of splatters Adjusting figures placement Adding ‘action’ lines to indicate movement Adding in musical notes to push for more art factor Removing red figure to ‘de-clutter’ poster Shifting ‘look out for…’ text box away from the green bubble Comments: Music notes brings out more of the art Composition… Read more →

Project 2: Task 2- Design Exploration

Composition studies My concept for the posters is fun and happiness. I started off with the slogan: Create Art, Enjoy Life. However, comments where that it sounded too aggressive. At the stage, I have not decided on the final slogan but it will be ‘Follow the flow of Happiness’. However, this slogan will not be placed in the poster composition… Read more →

Reading Assignment: Atmospheres by Peter Zumthor

In Peter Zumthor’s ‘Atmospheres’, he talks about his insights on Architecture. He presents a refreshing comparison of Architectural environments as a work of art, comparing his designs to music that touched people quickly and deeply. He hoped to garner the spontaneous emotional response from the viewers and visitors of his Architectural works and to provide unobtrusive support to people living… Read more →

Project 2 Task 1B: Develop slogan and Moodboard

Task 1B: Develop slogan & Moodboard   i) Brainstorm:   ii) Concept slogans: a) Relax and make art (Keywords: Therapy, Zen, Healing) b) Create art, enjoy life (Keywords: Enjoy, Colourful, Exciting) c) Happiness comes with Art (Keywords: Create, Sunshine, Smile)   iii) Moodboard:    Use of vibrant colours to draw attention Graphics that represent happiness and art Use of geometric… Read more →

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