Proj_Educational Game


To develop an Educational mobile game so that children can have fun studying.

Aim of the game:

  • Help children understand complicated concept through playing/having fun
  • Using interactive and cute character to engage children
  • To ease parents’ trouble to teach their kids


Player will follow a fairy tale’s protagonist to finish its journey. Throughout the journey, player will be taught subject like English/Math and moral values. The Protagonist will guide the player by reading to the player, instruct and teach the player.

Game play:

Player will help protagonist to finish its journey by making the correct choice. These choices are related to the story line and the correct answers are the correct grammar/vocabulary/numbers.

Similar game play to Dora the explorer:

The series centers around Dora, a 7 year old American girl, with a love of embarking on quests related to an activity that she wants to partake of or a place that she wants to go to, accompanied by her talking purple backpack and anthropomorphic monkey companion. Each episode is based around a series of cyclical events that occur along the way during Dora’s travels, along with obstacles that she and Boots are forced to overcome or puzzles that they have to solve (with “assistance” from the viewing audience) relating to riddles, the Spanish language, or counting.


Game approach 1:

An interactive protagonist

  • Player will be able to change the appearance and the clothes of the protagonist, so the kids will be attached to the character.
  • Player can interact with the protagonist by touching it to trigger certain animation and answer to the protagonist’s question and gets a reply.

The aim of this interactive protagonist is to give feedback to the player and keep the children engaged. Even if the player is not interested in continuing the task, they can just interact with the protagonist.

Similar concept to Talking Tom :

The goal of the game is to take care a little cute kitten named Tom. At the beginning, the user is invited for growing these kitten up interacting with him by different ways: feeding him, taking him to the bathroom. Tom can repeat words spoken for up to 25 seconds at a distance of 10 meters from himself using the synthesized voice, “leaning against” his ear to phone`s screen.




Game approach 2:

An augmented Reality NPC + toolkit (random cards/objects to activate the NPC into the ‘real world’)


Throughout the protagonist’s journey, protagonist will meet characters like the alphabets below.

Using AR technology and the materials from the toolkit, these alphabets will be reflected on objects in the toolkit to tell the story.  These Alphabets/numbers characters will join together to form certain words/numbers to help children remember spelling or to understand mathematics concept.

Aim for using AR:

Children can interact with the characters by shifting the toolkit’s materials around, like they are playing with a friend.

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