Task 3 : Colour exploration


9. Simplify and rounder

Translated sketch 9 to AI.

The swoosh is translated to various arts medium to give the artsy feel.  I picked the paint swoosh as it is ‘neater’ and more dynamic.
Trying out different expressionsSelected design 1


After receiving Michael’s comment, I realized the arms of the heart does not look like it’s arms, hence decided to add in fingers.  As the idea of ‘Art’ derive from paint swoosh, when the logo is black and white, I find it challenging to show the ‘Art’ of it, hence decided to add in paint stain on the character to show that it is working on art. And adding legs to represent ‘on the move’. To play around with the orientation of the swoosh, I first replaced the swoosh with paint splash. Which I find very messy and complicated.Then I replaced it with Abstract brush stroke. I like how dynamic the strokes are, but I find it very messy as well.

I go back to my first idea and added more strokes. Then I tried to imitate the abstract brush strokes and came up with this:

As the strokes make the whole logo complicated and they look more like the ‘badge’s background’ than the ‘logo’s background’, the strokes are kept within a smaller area, smaller than the heart.

After comparing it with and without legs, I have decided the one without legs is better.


Printed version:

Trying out different colour scheme before class. 

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