Acting for Film // Character development I

Character’s profile:
Mid 20s
Working adult
Has been in a relationship with her boyfriend (now husband) since secondary school
They just got married a year ago

Pleasant personality
Driven, and does not mind taking care of the household
She loves children and can’t wait to have a family

Her husband met an unfortunate accident and is paralysed
She could not understand his point of view (inferior) and insists on wanting a child

Acting for Film // Fav Actor


I loved his performance and charisma, especially in the x-men series as Logan or Wolverine. He is really some one I admire because he is already 48 years old this year and he could still perform so well in his action movies.

Apart from that, I used to be in an event company before entering university, and my company were the ones organizing the X-Men Days of Future Past movie premiere. I managed go upclose to Hugh Jackman a little as I was coordinating his media interview schedules and he popped out of the interview room from time to time. His humble and down-to-earth self really got me so inspired!