Art History // Final project_Research

Group members: Andrew, Fern, Chen Yue, Ziyu

Our group discussed and decided that we want to expand on the Chinese Ceramics for our final project!

We felt that the Chinese Ceramics in the past and now is really different in terms of functionality. They used to have ceramics as decorations at home on shelves, for offerings, and for storing items, and they are usually being owned by royalties in the past.

Taken in South Korea

plate1 plate2

Now, anyone can purchase ceramics, and we use it mostly to place food and as a tool for us to eat.

We’d want to combine the two, tackling on the issue of using plates as decorative, and if it is only a utilitarian function, how can the print on the ceramics help push any idea we want to raise awareness about.

We are still in the midst of discussing how we should execute the prototype but here are some that we are considering:

  1. Purchase a plain ceramic plate, paint it
  2. Make a ceramic plate from scratch
  3. Use paper plates, and then acrylic paint or white lacquer to try and paint it to look like ceramics
  4. Use wood to shape it like a plate, then use white lacquer to paint and make it look like ceramics

One thought on “Art History // Final project_Research”

  1. Interesting idea to highlight an issue through a ceramic plate! Please google Ai Wei Wei and the Willow Tree Pattern. Also, read about the willow tree pattern in America? I believe the article is called Imagining Cathay. If you can’t find it, then email me.

    Let’s think more about the prototype once you have done a bit of research about using ceramic plates to bring up an issue or tell a story.

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