4D II // Class Activity_Expanded Cinema

In class, we’ve learnt that Expanded Cinema is to think about how our works can engage the audiences. While curating an act or artwork, we will have to consider not just the narrative, but also its time and space, and how the emotions from the visuals can affect its audiences’ mood and thoughts.

  1. The Funeral
    Reference: http://diply.com/what-the-facts/article/south-korea-fake-funeral-experiment
  2. Afterlife
    Reference: http://www.yoursingapore.com/see-do-singapore/culture-heritage/heritage-discovery/haw-par-villa.html
  3. Metamorphosis
    Reference: https://www.facebook.com/willyfoo/videos/vl.1634940396757247/10153910203474245/?type=1
    The first few minutes of this video features an interactive dance that portrays the transition of life: slow-paced → discovery → beautiful world → setbacks → crisis → every cloud has a silver lining

    This dance performance / interactive show was choreographed and created collaboratively with my former workplace (events company) as well as 1 dance mate. To fully enjoy the projection display alongside the dance, we had to black out the section of the exhibition in Suntec Convention Centre. Thus, I felt that it is really interesting to recreate a similar concept where dance meets technology for this installation.


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