In-Class Exercise: A Clap & A Bang (Group Exercise)


For our group performance, Gwendolyn, JiaXi, Zoey and I had to create a response and decided to do a short performance regarding the question that was given to us;

  • Silence is ???
  • Noise is ???
  • Sound is ???
  • Listening is ???

Gwendolyn started off with a rhythmic clapping (sound – pleasant to the ears).

JiaXi and Zoey followed Gwendolyn by clapping with a regular beat. (sound)

I disrupted the flow of the beat by doing a non-rhythmic clapping by doing a fast and irregular clapping. (noise – unpleasant to the ears)

Everyone started creating chaotic sounds by clapping in a non-rhythmic way.  (noise)

Zoey stopped the chaotic sound with a loud bang by slamming her palms on the table. (sound)

After the end of the performance, there was a brief moment of silence (an abrupt change of sound – loud to silent).

The whole process of our audience paying attention to the performance is listening.



  • SILENCE is death, deafening. To me, you will only achieve true silence when you’re dead. In addition, silence can also be an abrupt change of sound from loud to silent (transitional).
  • NOISE is an unpleasant sound to the ears. It is a subset of sound but has a negative connotation to it as it tends to be annoying and disruptive.
  •  SOUND is pleasant to the ears. Something that we do not mute out and notice in an environment full of sound.
  • LISTENING is getting the audience to act on what they hear. The conscious act of processing sound and the brain is engaged and makes meaning from the sound they heard.



My favourite response is from Stella, Li Xin, Li Ying & Whitney’s group about the vending machine which uses their voice to mimic the mechanical sounds (diegetic sound) and asking the buyer whether they’re okay in a humanistic way (non-diegetic sound) which is an interesting approach to this dialogue.

It makes me ponder about the Fourth Industrial Revolution where soon everything will be filled with Artificial Intelligence and robots. It strips away our sense of emotions and incorporating our human voice as a greeting to the buyer retains a sense of humanism in the future. I really love their response <3


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