(REVLIS) Chapter: 1 – Rumours


Donning on the long black robe I always wear, I glance at the mirror. The soft glow from the white orbs made me look kind of unfriendly. I let my jet black long hair fall and it covers my face. I leave the room to have a run.

My backstory? I was born without parents (I wonder what happened to them?…), and grew up kind of lonely. It has made me independent though, I don’t really need the help of others. I just have to be as good as I can in every aspect of myself. I start to run along the edge of the town, this is what I usually do everyday when there’s nothing better to do, I’m pretty fast on my feet now, I guess.

Ahh, I slow down and face the jungle. I wonder what it’s like beyond? The darkness seems to grow larger. An image of a strange black dull orb flashes in my mind for a split second. I run for a while longer and head back to my bed to sleep.

2 STR, 3 AGI, 3 INT


I don’t really like showing my face to people. Covering my face with a red hooded poncho seems preferable, I won’t even mind my side flip auburn hair being messy inside since no one can see it. I lie down at the top of my favourite hill under the only tree growing there. The grass is getting prickly again, it’s out of control and needs trimming.

Lying here alone is so peaceful. I always wonder why my parents abandoned me. I have never met them, did they meet me? Did they know me that’s why they abandoned me? There are always so many questions running through my head. Who are they? I know who everyone in town is. I can’t imagine my parents being any of them though… Sometimes, no matter how independent I am, I half-wish I still had grandma to look after me. She was just a random sweet old lady who wasn’t even related to me. But she’s gone.

“Aria!” I hear a call from afar. “You were supposed to be at the potato farm today!” The voice approaches. It’s one of the old lady’s friend who still tries to look out for me sometimes. Sigh, I don’t wanna help out, I just want to sit by myself and wonder what all this is about. I roll on to my side and curl up. There’s a red orb blocking my vision. I instinctively reach out to hold it in my hands.

I get up. I want a way out. I want to know what’s out there. I run to the edge of the forest and try to bash it, without a care of what there was. A hand tries to grab me and stop me. “Aria, you’re too impulsive. Do you not fear what can be out there?” I don’t, I don’t. Nevertheless, I relent and let her bring me back towards town. I water a patch of potatoes for five minutes before making my escape. I return to my bunk and fall asleep.

1 STR, 4 AGI, 3 INT

Chapter 1

In your dream, you hear a strange thudding sound, and a faint cry of help. There is a soft scampering of feet and some shouts. You roll to the other end of the bed and the dream ends.

You wake a few hours later. Something feels amiss. There is a weird atmosphere in the air. There seems to be a lot more chattering than usual. You should be helping to trim the forest today, but you’re wondering what the occasion is.

What will you do?

[OOC] The above scenario refers to both characters. The houses you stay in are adjacent.

For more information and what you can do, check the original Lore and the Lore on housing. You can ask questions under the OOC tag.

For fastest response to questions, my line id is pinology, apologies if you don’t use line.

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6 thoughts on “(REVLIS) Chapter: 1 – Rumours”

  1. Waking up to that much chattering, I was curious as to what was happening. I was thinking, how much time will it take for me to just run to the plaza to check out what was happening, then go back to trimming the forest after. I jumped out of bed, wasting no time and sprinted off to the plaza to check things out. At the speed I was running, I reached it in no time…

    1. *****Olumide’s story
      As you approach the plaza, you see the bonfire glowing as usual. There are always people around but today, it seems like there are more than twice the number of people.

      There is a huge group of people crowding around someone, but you can’t see who/what it is.
      Another group of people are cheering loudly and dancing around the bonfire.
      Looking away from the sources of babble, you notice two of your housemates standing to the side, and a lone figure sitting a little further away.

  2. I quickly wake up; wear my red hooded poncho and bash towards the plaza. I’m not really interested with the housemates and prefer to know what’s going on. Being small sized, i try to squeeze my way through the crowd.

    1. *****Aria’s story
      Before you can squeeze through the crowd to the center, a hand grabs you and you’re forced to turn your head to look. It’s Rick (see Lore: Authority). He raises an eyebrow. “Aren’t you supposed to be trimming your favourite hill right now? I thought that was the one job you bother doing.”

      As he lectures you, the other voices around distract you.
      “Hey, let me touch that!”
      “Ahh, move aside, I wanna see!”

      What do you do now? Will you struggle free from Rick’s grasp and squeeze past the crowd (roll STR)? Convince him to let you see what’s going on (roll INT)? Go to trim the forest?

      [OOC] They are Olumide’s housemates!

  3. [OOC] haha it’s okay, just clarifying, you didn’t interact with them anyway xD

    *****Aria’s story
    You try to convince Rick. (insert some convincing speech, up to you if you want to fill it in (doesn’t really matter, I guess))

    Rick looks sympathetic. He pats you on the shoulder. “Alright, it is a huge thing after all. Go ahead, but do help me out later. We really need the manpower.”

    You slip through the crowd and try your best to see what’s in the middle. There’s a strange red orb, it isn’t emanating any light, unlike those around in town. The colour also doesn’t seem quite right, almost like it’s darker, compared to usual.

    You aren’t really sure why this different looking orb is causing so much commotion, when you suddenly pick out snippets of a conversation between some townspeople walking away from the crowd.
    “Yeah … he kind of … out of nowhere … from the air …”
    “…right there? …was he…”
    “… to … house …”

    What do you do now?

    [OOC] If you have no idea what to do/what you can do, you can ask for suggestions hahaha

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