(REVLIS) Lore: Law

There are no laws set in stone here, but rather, in its place are unspoken rules.

For example, the obvious, no random murdering of our own people, no hoarding of essentials. Such an outrageous act has never occurred since the beginning of Revlis though, and as such no punishments for such acts have ever been given.

The unspoken rules

  1. The obvious: No murders.
  2. No hoarding, everyone shares. No one is allowed to hoard things like food, clothes, to the extent that there is not enough for others. However, it is generally allowed to keep a few clothes that each individual likes very much (so much that it almost becomes their characteristic), and also a few personal items, such as toothbrushes, and undergarments, etc.


As mentioned in some of my previous posts, the able townspeople are assigned work everyday by the coordinators.

A notice will be pinned up on each notice board in town that displays the next roster. It is usually not an enforced rule that you have to follow and do your assigned tasks. There are also no fixed timings, and is generally free and easy.

Of course, sometimes it happens that too many don’t turn up for work (though very rare), but when it happens and the situation gets too dire, the coordinator will try to rally them (or others who are free at that time) to help out.

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