(REVLIS) Lore: Celebrations

For clarification purposes, time isn’t measured by clocks or candles. Every day is roughly gauged by the flight of this huge flock of birds to and fro. No one can accurately tell how long an hour is or when the day is going to end, but when the birds fly from the forest behind the library in the direction of the plaza (they don’t land, they continue straight), it’s half-day, and when they fly back, it’s a new day.

1 year is 365 days. (Some of the information passed down from ancestors includes the calendar.) Every 4 years is a leap year. Revlis celebrates New Year’s Day, but besides that, there are two other major celebrations in Revlis.

11th July

It is a celebration of the beginnings of Revlis. It is not known for sure what happened on this day, but rumours say that 12th July was the day Lyra and Leoric convinced the townspeople, bringing the town together and leading them into a period of harmony and peace.

The celebration is two days long, and commonly referred to as Days of Revlis. There are still work that needs to be done though, but (almost) everyone will show up to help out because they want to finish it quickly and have fun together. However, the first day of the celebration isn’t grand. It signifies the hardship the town has overcome, and reminds everyone to be humble.

Over the course of the day, every house takes turns to go up the hill overlooking the town, and watch the town in silence for a short while. This act reinforces that everyone, not just the coordinators, will look out for the town’s safety and also the welfare of all of its members. Everyone then makes a wish and tie a piece of ribbon braided from long leaves (sedge).

Then, when it is half-day, most gather at the plaza/canteen area and have a simple meal of roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yam together. Throughout the day as well (that means, when the day starts till day ends), the canteen serves these food only.

12th July

Bells will ring to signify the arrival of this very special day. Light and simple food would be served from the start of the day to half-day, and at half-day, the townspeople will once more gather at the plaza/canteen. A feast would be set up, of roasted chicken to soft-boiled eggs, and mushroom soup to stuffed mushrooms. (And also the usual standard food like roasted potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc)

After the meal, there would be dances around the fire which usually last till the end of the day. It is only “compulsory” (note: nothing is really “compulsory”, it’s more like celebration norms and out of respect) to stay for the first dance.

Another celebration deemed important is the day a child turns 17. It signifies the coming of age, and it is when they will start to be included on the official working list.

On this day, for the child, s/he will have to drink a cup of celery juice as the day starts. It is then followed by by a walk at the edge of the forest with 1 of the 5 coordinators (if there are multiple children turning 17 on that day, they will all walk together with the coordinator). It is then followed by a long and slow dance around the fire in the plaza (that all the five coordinators will dance with you).

At half-day, the child and all friends and family (as long as they care for her/him) would return to the plaza and have a meal together, and sing a birthday song. After the meal, the child will be seated in the plaza (with the fire behind), and presented with elaborately braided sedge armbands. After which, the child will toss some firewood into the fire (usually their first time). Finally, they will dance the long and slow dance around the fire again, but this time with family and friends.

If the day happens to fall on the Days of Revlis, it will be scheduled to another day, usually within a week.

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