Max Assignment 2: Tracker

The project

This max assignment aims to allow us to experience the technical steps involves in creating an eye tracking set up. A video is needed to be pre-recorded and imported onto Max. Using the functions of Max, a patch will be created to match the value of the face received through the webcam with the frames of the video. Through matching the values and the frames, the motion of the face will trigger the part of the video that corresponds to it. 







The challenges and problems

It took me a while to understand the logic behind the idea of matching values of the face with the frames of the videos. However, the patch that I created is still technically lacking in many aspects. It is still affected by many conditions that my patch did not take into account. Very often, the motions of the face did not correspond to the ones in the video. The video also continued to loop when there was no face in front of the screen. The presence of multiple faces in front of the screen also affected the accuracy of the tracking. 





The reflection

Through building up my patch for this assignment, I learned much more valuable technical knowledge. It was interesting in trying to figure out the values and its connections with the frames of the videos. The whole process of trying to get the set up to work was intriguing and satisfying. I start to slowly see the connection between the different commands and functions though there are still much more to learn. These assignments served as great exposures for me to understand and appreciate the capabilities of Max.

The documentation video for this assignment will be up soon. I am currently having some issues with premier pro. Such is life. 

Author: Zhou Yang

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