Narratives for Interaction: Documentation and Progress V


Goh Cher See | Nicholas Makoto | Zhou Yang

We were looking into the presentation of the story for the game. Due to time constraint, we are looking for a more efficient and concise way to tell our story to our players. We want to bring our message across to them in the shortest possible time so that the game flow will not feel draggy. 

The introduction portion of the game will be cut short. We feel that we do not have enough time to refine the story line to provide a good story telling experience for our players. Therefore, we look into alternative. 

We decided to tell the story through the medium of a file that keep track of the incident. Different parts of the game will be from the different parts of the documents. This is to emphasis the narrative element of the game. The game will be made up of memories kept in the document and unfold right in front of the players. 

This is the finalized game flow of our game. 

The different sound required for the different scenes in the game. 

The key scenes in the game.

Moving Forward:

With the game flow finalized, we will be focusing on materializing the game. The main problems we have is with game mechanics. We are have difficulties in getting in game interaction to run. But we are getting help from gaming forums and relevant people. 

Author: Zhou Yang

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