Project Point of View. [Research]

“A/An _________ from the point of view of _________ is _________.”

“A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.” – Unknown

For this 2D project, I decided to work on the idea of encouragement. I feel that this is something that is slowly becoming a rarity in our everyday life. We are all aware that nothing beats complimenting someone for all the right he or she did. Many times in our life we can be harsh on ourselves and have difficulties accepting that we are exceptional at something. That is why it is crucial to encourage and motivate the people around you.

In our modern society we are taught to take care of ourselves first, and complimenting others on their strengths is a form of showing our weakness. This is entirely untrue. It makes virtually nothing from us to compliment others on their lovely outfits, or they accomplished something that is worth celebrating. With so many people being unsure of their abilities in our current society and context it has never been more relevant for us to encourage others.  It is the time we start caring and give support for one and another. You never know, one simple act of encouragement from you could change the world.

I started the project by brainstorming on the different possibilities that encouragement means to different people. I picked the following six options from the heaps of ideas that I came up with to develop further them.

“A/An encouragement from the point of view of a lost soul is the driving force to rediscover his/her passion.”

“A/An encouragement from the point of view of a child is the incentive to keep on learning.”

“A/An encouragement from the point of view of an introvert is the chance to shine.”

“A/An encouragement from the point of view of a dreamer is the start of many possibilities.”

“A/An encouragement from the point of view of an athlete is the reason why he/she still believes.”

“A/An encouragement from the point of view of a designer is the catalyst to push on.”


Brainstorming sketches.
































Through brainstorming, I somewhat decided on the overall visual presentation and materials needed for the project. For the following post on my 2D project, I will be presenting and talking about my experience while prototyping and constructing my project.


Author: Zhou Yang

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