Randall Packer, Open Source Studio (2015) – Research Critique 1


The open source system allows me to utilize and stay connected with an immense amount of collective information through the convenience of technology. Technology in forms such as social media, cloud data storage and virtual sharing spaces allows me not to be confined by physical space and the knowledge that I possessed. It shortens the distance between me and the information I do not know. All I need to do is to be online and I will be connected with information. Sites such as Reddit and GitHub create optimum open source community in information and resource sharing to help benefits the online community. It creates incentives in information sharing through creating an ideal environment for online individuals to engage in extensive communication which leads to greater possibilities. It exposes me to thought-provoking projects around the world and words of wisdom spoken by creative individuals. It makes me aware of what others are doing and how I can learn from them. These forms of online intellectual interaction spark collective information and knowledge among us for the good of mutual understanding and improvement. These constant exchange of ideas and information will create opportinities for potential collaborations to occur for me and interested parties that share the same vision and beliefs. Creativity becomes something not just coming from oneself but a collective effort from everyone. 

The possibility of sharing information through open source system also allows “transparency, collaboration, collective processes, non-proprietary methods of production and distribution, and a commitment to the creative process as a social exchange: not necessarily for profit, but for the common good”(1). The ease of building up an extensive database of materials that can be shared and used by anyone that has access to the internet makes possible due to the technological convenience by open source mediums. With such a huge pool of resources available, it allows me to experiment with different materials available and consider different approaches for my creative projects with the information I find online. Materials comes in such abundance and forms that you expanding your thinking about creative works beyond traditional forms such as art canvas and paper. You start to question where is the boundary of creative works lie when the possibilities created by open source system seems limitless. The seemingly endless opportunities is intriguing.

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