Assignment 2: Point Line Plane

When we first received the brief of this assignment, i wasn’t really sure what i was going to do and i couldn’t picture how my final piece will look like. Knowing almost nothing about sewing, i actually struggle to see how the type of lines such that it changes the shape of the card. Thus, my study models are all simple lines sewn on them as i am trying to picture how the overlapping lines occur.

img_7974My very first study model hahahah it was honestly shitty.. As i said i knew nothing much about sewing thus this was me using the normal sewing technique of using two layers of thread 🙂 
img_7973The whole idea of this was me trying to “create” a cylinder looking object with lines overlapping inside of the cylinder.. BUT my paper was way to flimsy and thus it was just a disaster, it failed terribly. It was the first lesson when we actually get to try out and i was a bit disappointed with my failure cause everyone in class seem to do it so well? hahahah


So before the next lesson, i decided to get thicker card and tried to sew more basic lines and it turned out better than my first model, obviously. Also i tried a circular crisscross looking one as well as seen on above picture.

img_8469Just basic lines across each other.


Then, for the third model which i did in class, i wanted to do a swirl such that there is an intersection in the middle as the lines overlap. I drew a curve and a straight line and started from the extremes of each lines.
Im just glad it didn’t turn out bad hahahah.

So… For my final 3D structure, having experiencing different types of lines that i could think of, i wanted to use different techniques to make a more dynamic shape/structure. Thus, i made a cut in the middle of the plastic card and sew it in a way it would distort the shape of the of the card.


Which turned out like this!! 🙂 Honestly, pretty satisfied with it as it has a very 3-Dimensional shape to it and different types of planes can be seen in different angles as you turn the structure.

img_8463I only decided to use 3 colours (Red,Yellow,Blue) which are the main primary colours as i didn’t want it to look to complex in terms of the number of colours involved.


More pictures of the final piece:

img_8459 img_8461 img_8496I really like the dynamic shape it has! 🙂




So, in order to get my threads to stay tightened, i actually tied a temporary knots after finishing a part and left a good amount of thread such that i can continue to knot it after the whole thing is completed. It helps a lot actually but eventually it still started to get loose on some parts.

All in all, I’m quite glad that i made improvement from my first model and although it was a tedious process of sewing, it was quite enjoyable! 🙂