Advertisement Analysis – Cigarettes Smoke People

A print advertisement by the Cancer Patients Aid Association, an association which raises awareness of cancer through screening and prevention.

The advertisement depicts two ladies, with only their arms left visible, sitting at a table in a bistro with cigarettes in their hands. The ends of their arms resemble lit cigarette butts, which are hastily getting burnt out, and smoke were coming from the ends of their arms, instead of the cigarettes that they were holding in their hands. The message at the top right corner says, “Cigarettes smoke people”.

I think that the designer was trying to convey the message that when people are smoking cigarettes, their bodies and health are the ones that are being consumed by the cigarettes, instead of the other way around. The image shows that the rest of their bodies have probably been burnt out, with only their arms left, which are also disappearing as well. The designer could also have been implying that their health was going up in smoke.

The advertisement was set in a bistro; where young adults probably frequented, and the arms probably belonged to young ladies as they were free of wrinkles and are accessorised with jewelleries. I think that the designer also wanted to convey the message that young adults are not immune to the detrimental health consequences of smoking, as most people think that they will only get health problems when they are much more older.

Furthermore, I feel that the desaturated colours of the image was to enhance the negative mood of the message, as bistros usually have warm colours and lightings.

In the Presence of Your Sunshine // 4D Week 3

Our presences melt away one another’s walls. We bring out the best in one another, and enables us to be comfortable to reveal our true selves without the fear of being ostracised by others. In the presence of one another’s sunshine, we are able to bloom and thrive.



All of us have friends, or at least that one friend that we always spend time with, and someone who knows us better than others do. To me, friendship is like the bright rays of sunshine; necessary, warm, and embracing, which brings lots of happiness, energy and support into our lives.

The sunshine melting the aluminium can, and exposing the flower which was encased within represents the notion of friendship being capable of tearing down our walls and facades. To me, I feel that everyone portrays ourselves differently whenever we are alone with public, or in the presence of unfamiliar acquaintances, compared to when we are in the presence of our close friends. Hence, I decided to use an undented  aluminium can to represent the facade that we have to put up, which is cold, restrained, too smooth and perfect. The presences of close friends boost our self-confidence and enables us to drop the facade and be comfortable to reveal our true selves along with them; such as laughing out loudly or being unladylike instead of being constantly cautious about our postures and behaviours, without the fear of being judged and ostracised.

I decided to use a golden yellow Gerbera to represent our inner personalities. I did not choose a golden Gerbera for a specific flower meaning or for an emotion that I wanted to convey; I simply chose it for its visual aspects, and that flowers are commonly used to represent a person’s personality. I chose a Gerbera, as they are well-known for their wide array of vibrant colours; which can represent the wide arrays of uniquely different, and vibrant personalities that we might all have, but are hidden away. Furthermore, I also chose to use a flower to represent our inner personalities as I chose to use sunshine to represent friendship; sunlight is necessary for flowers to bloom and thrive.