4D Assignment // Self Portrait Video



Self portrait of my life in the recent years – which revolved mostly around Adobe softwares, procrastination and anxiety.

At the start of the video, it was very calm and slow; with bright sunny days, calm waters, a slow terrapin swimming, an unmoving eel “yawning”, and scenes of nature to portray the peaceful and carefree feeling that I have when I am procrastinating. I decided to use scenes of nature to depict calmness as nature was commonly associated with tranquility, and slow-paced compared to scenes taken in urbanised areas instead.

Afterwards, it starts to get stormy; things are becoming more fast-paced to depict the anxiety as the deadline gets closer. Scenes depicting software problems and animals’ reactions were to depict my reactions when these problems occur during such anxious moments.

The scene where the cat suddenly ‘jumped’ when my hand approaches was to portray my reaction as the deadlines approaches.

The scene where the cat was suddenly not reacting to the moving ribbon was to depict how I was often stoning when I gets too anxious and stressed.  

Fishes swimming rapidly with their mouths wide open to depict the internal screaming.

Apart from portraying the emotions felt during procrastination and when I had anxiety, the scenes were also used as a subtle hint of the things that I liked. All the scenes were from videos which I have recorded throughout the recent years; I love cats, marine life, and the tranquility which nature was able to provide.

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