Week 4: Fabric of Thread

Fabric of Thread

Materials needed: A good variety of threads, pins, water soluble paper, sewing machine, container for water, container with a good shape (for shaping fabric)

How it’s done:

Step 1: Fold water soluble paper into half, open it up and start adding thread/ fabric/ other small material pieces onto the inner section. Once done, cover this with the excess paper.

an example

Step 2: Pin the sandwiched paper together, make sure you leave some gaps for sewing.

Step 3: Sew the paper and materials together using a sewing machine. Make as many patterns with the thread as you want, you can also make use of the sewing machine patterns.

Step 4: Once done, drown the fabric in water and make sure the “gluey” particles are fully dissolved.

Step 5: Take out the fabric and place it onto the container for shaping, and wait for it to harden/ dry. 

Finish products:

Personal Reflections: This is one of my favourite techniques thus far. I enjoyed playing around with/ exploring the boundless possibilities of mixing and matching colours and materials. I took a bunch of my old childhood arts and craft materials and cut them up. It was pretty much like making pizza. I’ve never had prior experience in using the sewing machine much, and was quite unconfident initially as this technique looked challenging. However, it was simpler and more enjoyable than I thought, knowing that the end product can look so quirky and cute.