Mark Making in 2D class!

During week 2, we experimented with different prints in class with the mark making tools that we brought. Thank god I wore shorts and a black tee because I became a total kid when playing around with the paint and the tools HAHA.

It was really exciting to see how different techniques can create really different kind of prints! e.g. dabbing paint only at certain parts of the roller, or the amount of paint/pressure being placed. It was also super cool when I discovered that you can layer different tools below the paper to create new textures. I also ended up using the tools to directly dab a layer on top of the ones created with the roller. As I created more draft works, I realised how you can play around with the black and white spaces, create different patterns with different kinds tools and their positions, and get inspired by my classmates too!


I just put a big dollop of paint and spread it out, heh.


messy works in progress: playing with the tones and thickness of lines


trying out different mark making tools


‘finalised’ prints after much playing around

Optimized-DSC_0019aerial view (sort of)

After we are done with the prints, we went on to try linocut, where we were given a piece of linoleum and we need to carve out our designs on it before it is slapped on with paint and undergo some kind of traditional printer to create our prints.

Well… I made my geometrical design too complicated and in the end, I didn’t have time to carve out the full image… So for now, everyone will just have to bear with my incomplete linocut print:


That’s all, bye!

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