Final thoughts : with-LIN me


I really like the rain. This words means continuous rain in chinese. To add a bit of flair to the art work I drew my chinese surname in a rain like manner. I really liked the aftermath of this effect. The clash between the calmness of the rain drops and the harshness of the other character really stuck to me. And also the character in black seems to look like an umbrella.

This chinese character means slow. I feel like sometimes even though I’m thin, I eat a lot which slows me down in everything I do.

This character means numb in chinese. The black “bracket” over my chinese surname seems to be a shelter than protects me and allow me to be numb to my surroundings and slowly grow as a people. It can mean both negative and positive as the same time. The negativity is brought about by the color black and it seems positive as there is flowers growing.


The meaning of this word is forest. As seen, I am trying to make a humorous statement about the work. I support bodily rest. And I feel that the tranquility of the forest and the flowers it haves creates a soothing environment to relax and rest in.


The title:

I named this body of works with-LIN me. I am trying to poke fun at the phrase within me. Since all the works is about things within me and visually the chinese character “lin” is always covered by something whichi symbolizes it being within something else.

with-LIN me

Process in my design journal:

Initially I wanted to do my chinese surname is various fonts by using what I like to form the chinese character. But after a while I found that can be a little shallow so I researched on chinese words with my surname’s character in it. And I found words that have that idea and at the same time actually meaning what I wanted to portray in my ideas.
20160214_223111 20160214_223116 20160214_223124 20160214_223130

I researched on chinese words and found some words that I could relate to and yet visually have my chinese surname in the character.

20160214_223133 This is the idea I initially wanted to finalise with.

Designs I came up with for the chinese words:

The actual words in the final artworks actually have a literal meaning. The meaning of the words is playfully linked to myself either to my personality of things that effected out of my personality.

lin_1 lin_food lin_forest lin_rain

I wanted to keep the idea of the old chinese word so I chose to use a plain font for the chinese and english words. And for my surname I chose to hand paint/draw everything to give it a slightly different texture to the entire work.