Animal Farm

I had no idea for what animal to create when we went to the secondhand shop but while looking around I decided on doing a hedgehog because we were limited to less than 5 or 10 items. So I bought nails that were blunt, a computer mouse, some tiny gears and a coiled up piece of metal for this hedgehog.

Tha nails were glued onto the the computer mouse using hot glue gun (BAD BAD BAD IDEA) to represent the spines, the coiled metal for ears and gears for eyes. It was a relatively simple and easy, NOT DANGEROUS project because I hot glued everything to each other but still ended up in the ER and it was my very first project.

What went wrong? Well always placed the object you are slicing on the table and be careful of where you hold the object. But while trimming excess dried glue away, I was HOLDING the mouse in my hand and cutting the excess glue off a curved surface… You can guess what happened next. Sliced my left index finger into half my tendon and ended up with a bleeding finger for 9 hours and beingĀ in the ER for 5 hours with a hand surgery. Well that was an experience and bucket list checked HAHA.

img_0095 img_0295