Project 2: Impossibilities of being


For this project, I wanted to depict whimsical and fun and so I went to re-listen to my old playlist. There, I came across this song My Friend Has a Swimming Pool  by Mausi. It has a tropical, summer upbeat vibe to the song which appealed to me because I’m quite a cheerful person. Thus after selecting that song, I crafted my images to it.

Originally, I wanted to have shots of glitter and jumping into the pool but due to time constraints and hectic schedules, I decided to take the photos by myself. I decided to use a penguin to represent me as they are one of my favourite animals and they are adorable plus they are aquatic birds (it goes with the beauty, pool theme of the song). Also, this penguin has a sentimental value to me and it makes me smile every time I look at it thus it was a good idea to use it in my shoot. Moreover, as I was doing the shoots independently, an inanimate object was easier to control then having me running back and forth behind and in front of the camera.

The video can be viewed here: