Zine: Jurong Themes/ Concepts


My perspective of Jurong mostly comes from my daily routine of travelling to school and back home. I do not stay in hall and it can be quite draining at time to travel an hour or so everyday. Because I’m not the kind to travel places that are far away from where I live, this was how I was introduced to Jurong.

Concepts/ Themes


Jurong is quite an old estate with quite a few historical architecture remaining. I made a list of all the architecture that were from the 1960s – 1990s and they had a vintage or sci-fi vibe to the buildings. I thought it was an interesting idea of doing time travel or taking picture of the interesting angles of the structures. My main inspiration for these were the posters and magazines from the 60s with psychedelic style, contrasting use of colours and vibrancy. 


I realised from my daily travel that Jurong does have a lot of flora and fauna and these photographs are some that I took at the Jurong parks. Even just outside of NTU at CleanTech Park, there is an eco-garden with even more flora and fauna. I found the interaction of the branches created a rather interesting geometric pattern and the caterpillar-eaten holes on the leaves quite adorable too. I did further research on the flora and discovered that these plants have a function other than decorative purpose such as medicinally or substantially. The inspiration I had for my zine were skincare brochures with the properties of plant extract and what they could be used for so it was more informative and educational.


I asked my classmates (those who lived in hall and those who did live in Jurong) where they would go to in Jurong or what they liked to do. At the same time, I did explore Jurong with my boyfriend because at that time he was still in OCS so we would meet up and find places to eat and relax or if he had any OCS events, they mostly held it in Jurong. I did start familiarising myself with Jurong mostly because of ADM and I would probably have never explored Jurong that thoroughly if I was not in NTU. I wanted to do a diary events of my life because even though I’ve been studying here for less than a year, there has been many eventful things that happened to me over here. The style of it would in a scrapbook style and a small diary entry of the occasion.