An interpretation of the infra-ordinary.

 (I) Anchored

(ii) Afloat

Inspired by Georges Perec  article on the infra-ordinary, we tried to seek out the banal and the forgotten on campus. Both Darren and I were inspired by the abundant flora and fauna on campus which surprising become most noticeable at dawn and dusk.

Hearing the bird chirping in the morning made us think about what other sounds get shuffled to the back of our consciousness throughout the day. We also questioned if sounds were produced and heard at specific timings in the day and if so, wouldn’t that make it a highly suitable method of determining the time of the day. Therefore we started on our journey creating an acoustic clock which could be unique to the sounds of NTU.

In our sound piece wanted to explore the sounds that beyond our awareness, for example the air condition ventilation units that hum the moment the school starts working till they stop for the day. In some sense, it is an indicator of something we feel and not hear.

That was the basis of our piece. After collecting and arranging our sound piece, we created the accompanying sculpture using the form of a sound wave. The peak of the wave represents the time where background noise is most jarring and chaotic.

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Birds are scary.

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