Assignment 3 progress update!

The event I’ve chosen is the opening of my dad’s shop (haha, he’s opening a salad shop at Tanjong Pagar @Icon Village). To better inform the kind of items I should be designing I created an ideal user persona, Tina. Tina embodies the spirit of most office ladies I know both personally and on social media.

Because my dad is totally new in the F&B industry, and also because he’s a typical dad, the shop doesn’t have a strong branding. As such, I’ve decided to create a series of illustrations that are generic. One thing the shop hopes to be is a provider of fresh, healthy takeaway options.

With Tina in mind, I decided on this moodboard to keep me on track as I design.

The items I’m designing for are:
1. Coffee holders
2. Promotion vouchers
3. Pull up banners
4. Instagram countdown images
(I really wanted to do printed balloons, but I guess office ladies like Tina wouldn’t really like balloons)

These are some of my pencil sketches, still on the fence if I should do a traditional ink+watercolor route or a digital stamp-textured style of illustration.

Maybe I’ll test out an alternative style over the weekend, though tempted to just do a digital version of watercolor with all the submission date lines.

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