Lore: Ashania and The Black Mountain



The story revolves around Ashania, a flourishing, opulent and peaceful kingdom. A place where Elves, Dwarfs and Humans lived together under Lord Bornia’s rule.


The kingdom was comprised of Lord Bornia’s castle located on the top of the hill with several towns surrounding it. The mines near Ashania were rich with rare minerals, precious gems and strong metals, allowing craftsmen to craft armors, weapons etc. unrivaled by neighbouring countries.

Its strategic location allows trading by both land and sea. All trade roads and sea routes that leads to Ashania were well protected and traders were attracted to Ashania due to its quality goods and exotic markets. Surrounding towns provides food and tax monthly. In return, they were protected from monsters and bandits.

Ashania’s military power were a force to be reckoned with. All Ashanian soldiers were well-trained and accustomed to battle on land and sea. Ashania were able to lay siege on neighbouring countries, mobilizing only half of its troops to do so. With busy markets and military prowess, Ashania were able to keep good relationship with neighbouring nations, benefiting each other with the long, undisturbed peace.



The Black Mountain

The Black Mountain was located hundreds of miles to the south of Ashania. It was shunned by local Ashanians. Beasts, bandits and traders kept away from the mountain pass. Its ominous presences towered over Ashania, the black peak could be seen by all people from the vast kingdom.

The Black Mountain

The mountain was sheer and craggy, with parts resembles a tower or man-made architecture. Its presences had affected Ashania greatly, appearing in Ashanian’s folktales from time to time, symbolising great evil. What secrets was hidden in the Black Mountain? No one would ever know.


You have arrived at Ashania. Flying colours and cheery shouts filled the streets of Ashania. A festival was happening. As you were roaming around, experiencing the jolly, wonderful atmosphere of the crowds, a wave of darkness and unease hit your mind. You broke into a cold sweat, when you saw a vision.

A vision, of great fire engulfing the town around you, horrid creatures ripping townsfolk apart bits by bits. The Black Mountain to the south grew larger and larger, towering over Ashania, casting its black shadow upon the despaired faces of Ashanians.

You shook your head violently, the vision dissipated. You looked around and noticed. Amidst of all the celebration, the black peak of the mountain stood ominously behind the kingdom’s landscape. What was the vision about? What secret does the mountain hide? You stared at the black peak, panting heavily.

She stared back.


Character Creation


Instead of 8, you will have 12 point to add into the 3 trait below (Strength, Agility and Intelligent). Each trait will affect how non-playable character react to you.

  • Statues – Intimidating
  • Combat Adv. – Attack Dmg
  • Conversation type – Comradeship and bargain
  • Statues – Stealthy
  • Combat Adv. – Critical Dmg
  • Conversation type – Secrets, rumours and bargain
  • Statues – Friendly
  • Combat Adv. – Magic Dmg
  • Conversation type – Knowledge of lore and weaknesses


  • Statues – First impression
  • Combat Adv. – How you fight.
  • Conversation type – How people might talk to you.

Races and Classes

You are allowed to create any race or class you want, however please try to create one that fits the lore and settings of this world. Race and class will affect some of the NPC’s reaction too! I will provide default Races and Classes for your consideration. You are allowed to mix and match anyone of them, or even come up with new ones!!!(but just tell me in the comments below first, thanks;) )

  • Elf
  • Dark Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Gnomes
  • Human
  • Berserker
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Wizard
  • Hunter

Background and Specials

Provide a backstory for your Character! Where is he/she from? Did he/she have some accident? What is his/her Motive? Did he/she have any secrets(PM me the secrets)? And describe what weapon she/he will be holding and what clothing?

And tell me what is your character’s special ability. Like summoning creatures or mind control? This do play a part in the game. You will be given 3 Charges for your special ability throughout the whole story campaign


Ok. I will give you an example now.

  • Merdini Cutter/F                                           Name/Sex(M/F)
  • 01/07/04/Dark Elf/Assassin                       Str/Agi/Int/Race/Class
  • Mind Control                                                  Special Power
  • A spy from a neighbouring country, she wishes to sabotage the operations and politics of Ashania. Her parent died during her young age in the battle with the Ashanians. Ever since, she took up her dagger and short sword. Consume by vengeance, she swore to bring down the kingdom of Ashania, even at the cost of her own life. (Pm me any secrets he/she might have!)                                     Backstory


That’s it!!!! I hope this is not too much of a hassle for you, I will try to keep it as simple and entertaining as I can, hope that you will come to love this world that I have created.



Author: Goh Cher See

I was Cher See

8 thoughts on “Lore: Ashania and The Black Mountain”

  1. Evraset Nr’shaal/F
    Dark Elf/Unknown
    Ability to summon pain experienced by others from their past unto their present/transfer the experience to others within proximity

    Evraset is believed to have either not wanted, or been unable, to abandon the ways of her lineage despite the years of peace smearing its influence into her side of the world. Instead, she took on any path she deemed worthy of her attention in order to take advantage of the many excuses she could find to practice the trademark hate of her race and reap the rewards of chaos. As a dark elf, her people, in particular her family, had been nothing more than obstacles and adversaries. The glories of court and conquest had not sufficiently interested her, and so abandoning her faraway homelands, she set out to travel the known and unknown worlds alike, happening upon Ashania years later as she would any other realm: Purely by chance, and without certainty at the path she would take in this prosperous, peaceful little kingdom.

    Evraset primarily uses her magic in combat, but always wears steel taloned gauntlets that double as both a slashing-distance weapon as well as picks. She carries an extended scythe that can shorten into a cutlass-esque blade.
    Evraset wears a light and more versatile version of her people’s traditional armor, as well as a black cape and cloak. Considering she already looks suspicious with her scythe and white hair, she only extends the scythe when she does not care to be seen, and usually either blends into the crowd or the shadows when she does not. Spending more time with the latter, she also carries assassins blades.

  2. Ima Richards/ M
    3/2/7 Unspecified
    Ability to raise the undead to do his bidding
    Ima is a ghostly merchant from another land. No one quite knows where he comes from, not that he gives anyone the chance to know him long enough to even ask before he’s off, always travelling to the next place when the opportunity arises. To be quite honest, Ima may not even remember where he was from. It doesn’t matter. When you have lived beyond your means, quite literally. He could not stomach the green goop he had bought as a dirt cheap substitute for food (which quite frankly was an unworthy investment to him). Eventually, the sticky goop clogged up his internal system and his death could be described as a case of ‘biting off more than he could chew’. It’s not unnatural to spot the unliving, especially in the realm of the supernatural.

    Ima has only one passion in life (and beyond) – making money. Even if the love of his life led to his untimely death, his drive to make money has not been dimmed. Rather, he is thankful he needs not spend on anything ‘unnecessary’. No one should underestimate the extent of Ima’s desire to earn money; he’s willing to take on any job the right price. From toilet plunging to assassinations, he’s done it all. He couldn’t care less about politics or loyalty, he will move on to ‘greener’ pastures at any given chance.

    The msucles in his body have long disintegrated and have little form. His body is only held together by a thin sheet of ectoplasm. As a result, Ima is able to mould his appendages into non-mechanical weapons. In the end, it boils down to the fact that the weapons didn’t cost him an arm and a leg, figuratively speaking in this case.

      1. Ima’s Attire:
        Ima’s ghost is translucent but is visible to everyone. He’s emits a soft white glow.
        His attire is typically what a trader/ merchant would wear but cheaper. He wears a satin vest over his dress shirt, a gold pocket watch tucked in his left breast pocket, all of which he thrift-ed (minus the watch, which he found in the trash, and in working condition too! What a pity to toss it out!)
        He layers a formal jacket over his vest.

        To add a bit of flare to his outfit, he wears a pair of dark pants, striped with gold (thin vertical stripes that is).

        Finally, he completes his outfit with a pair of well-worn leather shoes, which were the only items he’d actually been willing to pay the full price for (well he fought tooth and nail for a bargain but still).t

        [OOC] Sorry about the late reply! Hope this is enough information :^)

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