OBS Technical Session

The Technical Test for both Xin Feng and I was to eliminate the lag between both feeds as the delay might prove to be more distracting during the live feed.

Google Hangout

Both I and Xin Feng thought of using Google Hangout to connect each other. As we tried to use each other Facebook live video as part of our video, the inevitable lag between both live feed made the performance a lot harder and it would make the visual a lot messier.


The Audio should be simple, as there isn’t any background music that we will be playing in our live video. It is more essential that our voices are accurately recorded in our video. Google Hangout allowed us to have a proper conversation on the live video.

Things to take note of 

I believed that there will still be lag between both of us as having OBS, Facebook Live and Google hangout running in the background of our computer took up lots of processing power from the CPU. The connection in the school might also be part of the factor that lag will occur. The only effective way to eliminate all lags would be to have a computer with a higher processing power and a stable internet connection.

Link to our Technical Test

password- randall



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